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CMS or Blog: Which is Best for the Nonprofit?

At first the answer seemed apparent: CMS, since the blog was invented to be primarily a vehicle for displaying time-sensitive articles (posts). But then nonprofits learned of the power of blogging – of utilizing articles/posts in addition to their older cousin, the page.

Virginia Homeschoolers

  The new VaHomeschoolers’ content managed (CMS) website contains more than 150 pages, 79 posts and 38 categories. It utilizes the WordPress platform. This site has has password-protected sections for its members and subscribers, social media links, news weblog, news archives and more.  View the site live.

Weingart Center

The Weingart Center was looking for something fresh and inviting for their new website. By focusing the Home Page’s narrative to that of donor relations – while still prioritizing social interaction and Center activities – the Weingart Center now, in addition to a leaner and more user-friendly website, has a more potent development tool at […]

All In One Calendar

The All-in-One Calendar is one of those plugins that one has to believe was specially developed for event-heavy nonprofits in mind.  It easily, and beautifully, allows one to find and share events. Already installed and running on more than 20,000 websites, and translated into 11 languages, the All-in-One Calendar is purportedly one of the most […]

JWCH Institute

The new JWCH Institute content managed (CMS) website contains more than 100 pages/posts, utilizing the WordPress platform. This is a multi-site website: it’s mini network, which will offer it’s Spanish language version to the public soon.

Online Donation Services Compared

There are several very good donation processing services available to nonprofit organizations. And over the years, charities have usually accepted the rather high processing fees as the “cost of doing business.” However


The New Jersey Technology and Engineering Educators Association content managed (CMS) website takes advantage of WordPress’s user-friendly dashboard — which is very important since the website is maintained by volunteers. The site offers both free (unprotected) content and premium content for its paid members. Membership is managed online via the s2Member plugin, which grants new registrants […]

Social Marketing for Nonprofits

A new era has developed where social media, including web and mobile technologies, have turned communication into an interactive dialogue, surpassing the days when telephone, letters, and in-person communication were the conventional ways to interact.

Webhosting Reviewed

You’d think that selecting a decent webhosting service provider (webhost) would be as simple as, well, choosing a new laptop – or even a washing machine for that matter. But the simple, somewhat bizarre, truth is: it’s not. It’s truly maddening.

Online Giving is Up!

Although nonprofits have been hurting like the rest of us during these past few years, 2010 saw a significant increase in online giving. According to Blackbaud (they’re the big dogs when it comes to nonprofit consulting) 2010 Giving Report year-over-year growth was 34.5% compared to 2009.