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GRASP (ver. 3.0)

  • Focus: Grief Recovery/Harm Reduction
  • Location: Orange County, California
  • Date Website Launched: November 2017
  • Web Address: grasphelp.org

GRASP provides support and guidance to, and offers a community for, those who have lost a loved one due to substance use. This is achieved through the sharing of resources and local meetings offered by more than 100 GRASP chapters within the United States and Canada.

GRASP had grown immensely in the past couple of years, especially within the service of providing access to local meetings. GRASP needed an upgrade to their local meetings apparatus, one that would be more intuitive and that offered more information about meeting locations and times. They also desired a more “friendly” and inviting look, one that was less academic in style. Moreover, they needed their website to be more responsive on hand-held devices.

We rebranded the Home page to focus more on survivors: “moving well beyond the loss”. It uses a softer color palette, and warmer images. The structure for local meetings (more than 100) are now broken down into: country > state (or province) > regional location. Within the state/province options, Google Maps technology was employed to offer a clean visual reference to where the closest GRASP meeting was located near them. Lastly, the mobile-device (e.g.: smartphones and tablets) view has been designed with limited space-viewing in mind, which makes navigation easier and more intuitive.

And, of course, since this new website is built on the WordPress platform, the client has total control over content and users.

“Richard has such a sense of what we do, who we are – that it helps tremendously in our work together.  He can  see where we need things – or don’t need them – and that is a great help.  He is patient, and supportive and I could not be happier.”

Denise Cullen, Executive Director

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