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We design and develop effective websites for nonprofit organizations.

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… I also wanted to let you know that some of our funders had commented on your handy work for our website design. They really like how easy our website is to maneuver and to access the information. So well done and thanks for all your continuous support and input. You Rock!
Tricia Hernadez, Development Director
JWCH Institute, Inc.

For 20 years, Dot Org Web Works has specialized in website development, as well as website upkeep, for nonprofit organizations and causes. Furthering the mission of nonprofits is our passion — you are our community. Our clients’ work includes healthcare for all, sheltering the abused and homeless, social services, HIV awareness, harm reduction, environmental protection…to note just a few. With DOWW, we will re-design your nonprofit website into the effective outreach tool you expect.

Yes, designing and building an effective, customized, website can be a daunting task. We know that. But don’t despair; we will shepherd you through the website building process with the right questions (for a nonprofit), a little hand-holding, and more than two decades of working with the nonprofit sector in the social marketing arena. Moreover, we use one of the best website builders for our nonprofits. (And, of course, DOWW will be there to assist when needed.)

Being mobile device-enabled (responsive) is one of the essential factors for a successful nonprofit website. About half of the viewers will visit your website on something other than a desktop or laptop computer. We can design your website to look great, from big monitors to small smartphones! What’s more, we’ll help you tailor the right website content for that viewing environment. (Content on a smartphone may differ from that of the desktop screen.)

Donate Your Stimulus Check?

If you find that the $600 stimulus check isn’t needed, maybe turn it over to someone who really does.
Awareness Websites - Pandemic

Website Design that Raises Awareness

The design and development of a website intended to raise awareness can be a real challenge. Here we offer the key steps to an effective awarness campaign.

Donate Your Stimulus Check?

If you find that the $600 stimulus check isn’t needed, maybe turn it over to someone who really does.
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20 Years Service to Nonprofits