Monthly Website Maintenance / Scheduled Upkeep

Why consider a website maintenance plan for your nonprofit when there’s an as-needed option available?

Too often, nonprofit websites fall short of their potential—even after a successful re-branding and website makeover. The key reason is a lack of time or motivation to maintain the appearance properly and, most importantly, add timely content and updates. Frequently, the management and upkeep of the website simply fall through the cracks. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

When a budgeted amount of time per week/month is set aside for the website’s continued development and maintenance, performed by a website pro who has your back, the client is more inclined to re-prioritize the website. (Because money has already been allocated, and they’re being assisted.) From this, a more dynamic and utilized web presence is sure to follow quickly. (And, naturally, the organization’s staff is more freed up for other essential tasks.)

What to ask yourself when reviewing each of your pages and posts:

  • Does the layout offer a good user experience (UX)?
  • Is the content optimized for search engines (SEO)?
  • Is it as accessibility compliant as it can be (ADA Compliancy)?

Plan Options

Scheduled maintenance rates are valid until December 31, 2024.

website upkeep plan quick fix

Quick Fixes Plan

20% Hourly Rate Discount
3 Hours/Mn


website upkeep plans preferred-plan

Preferred Plan

25% Hourly Rate Discount
5 Hours/Mn


Well Covered Plan

30% Hourly Rate Discount
10 Hours/Mn


What’s more, the organization garners a special discounted rate! All within a monthly payment plan that will maintain the lower rate even when over the allotted time.

Common Website Maintenance Includes:

  • Updating the WordPress version, updating plugins and theme (thus maintaining functionality and security). Maintaining the overall WordPress environment
  • Development of new pages, announcements, event and job posts (client provides content, or DOWW will help write content)
  • Peer review new client’s new pages, posts and events
  • Test online forms, and archive old
  • Monthly traffic report
  • Contact client each week (with customized reminder emails) to check on any new content to add or update, e.g.: blog posts, pages, events, services or ads
  • Cross-sharing important announcements and content between the website and organization’s Facebook page
  • Check Google My Business for location and listing accuracy
  • Post new Google for Nonprofits AdWords (if account exists)
  • Develop more effective SEO and keyword application, and then monitor positions
  • Backup entire website to local host
  • As well as other website maintenance tasks

*  Above plan rates are not in addition to any existing rate discounts the client may already be afforded. The discount rate is based on the standard service rate of $100/hr. The service agreements are on a 3-month period, which auto-renew unless the client notifies DOWW. Unused hours may not be accumulated. The above plan rates are subject to change.

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