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Awarness Websites

5 key components not to miss.

powerful introduction

Powerful Introducion

with strong (hook) first sentence
clear cause and effect
moving/dramatic prime image

call to action

Call to Action

e.g.: petition, attend an event,
volunteering, info sign-up form

first steps

First Steps

offer 3 to 4 initial steps
for viewer to get started


Showcase Statistics

also known as “numbers”
which a simple plugin can manage

case profile

Case Profiles

putting a human face
behind the cause or mission

* Icons by Freepik

Your powerful topic introduction is essential to raising immediate interest to the web page’s topic and/or organization’s mission. Like when driving by a road sigh at high speed: if you can’t capture the message is a couple of seconds, then you may have lost your first best opportunity.

Using the COVID-19 pandemic as an example (since it is very much a cause of global concern at the moment), the “hook” might be:

More than 150 thousand Americans have already died from COVID-19. 1 mask per person could have mitigated that.

Choose your topic image judiciously. Multiple images tend to dilute the main message more than a single, powerful, full image. And be careful not to go negative with the image unless your message really requires it. (Optimism tends to work better than pessimism in most awareness campaigns.)

Your call to action is the glue to involvement. Even if your urgent issue has been well stated with a powerful “hook” opening statement, without offering a decisive way for the viewer to involve themselves you may have not yet created a possible solution. You have their attention, now tell them what they can do about it.

Taking the above awareness topic as the example, what might be a good call to action? An example might be:

Join Moms 4 Masks right now!
(via pop-up form). Or,

Join Portland March* for Masks!
which might call for people to march (*individually, away from others, but as part of a coordinated campaign) through their town with homemade signs.

First Steps (which expands the call to action) might look like:

  • Learn how the disease is spread

  • Donate $15 and get 5 masks sent to you

    (We wil donate 5 additional masks in your name to those who do not have one.)

  • Proudly wear your Moms 4 Masks face apparel around others

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