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How to Make a Charity Website

Your website is, or will be, the main spokes-mechanism for your nonprofit charitable organization. It is your virtual, 24/7, open house event to what it is you do and do it for. We can help you get it done right.

Free Website Maintenance Offer for Nonprofit Organizations

For a limited time only, Dot Org Web Works will provide your qualifying nonprofit organization with three months of our Quick Fix website maintenance/upkeep plan when you select DOWW to make-over your current website, or develop your first website!*

Giving Tuesday 2018 Reward Miles Giving

Turn Unused Reward Miles Points into Donations Giving Tuesday 2018 (#GivingTuesday) just came out with a new guide: “How to Donate Unused reward Miles Points!” This guide outlines the donation process while including the airline miles charities accept to help readers consider where their miles can be used to change someone’s life. Nearly one-third of […]

Google Wants Your Nonprofit Website to be Secure

According to Google, staring in July 2018 (though it has not yet happened), in their next browser release (Chrome 68), a website that is not secure–does not have an SSL certificate integrated into it (thus producing the prefix “HTTPS” instead of the usual “HTTP”), will get a “not secure” message at the lead of the URL. In other words, they will be warning your website visitors that your website is not secure. That is, if you have not already taken the corrective measures.

Increasing SEO through Storytelling

There may be no better instrument for your fundraising tool box than the delivery of a good story. More specifically, a client story/profile: one that will both captivates the human drama that is the reason for your charitable nonprofit organization’s existence, and that will also showcase the giving opportunity. And then, afterwards, the results: the “product” of one’s investment into the organization. What’s more, such stories/profiles help your SEO.

Giving Tuesday 2018

#GivingTuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. It’s an opportunity for your nonprofit organization to raise funds for your important work.

Nonprofit Versus For-profit Websites

The for-profit website targets the buyer of the product—who is almost always (save for gift cards) the end-user of the product. The nonprofit, however, generally speaks to two audiences—usually split equally. One message is for the product buyer (the donor of the product or service) and the other message is to the user of the product (the people in need of the product or service—the client). And, this sort of split-branding can be a challenge.

Google Searches Now Prioritize Mobile over Desktop

Google announced on March 26, 2018, that after 18 months of planning and experimentation, the godfather of web searches will start migrating sites that follow best practices (best SEO configuration) to mobile-first indexing. What had been, up to now, a practice of crawling and ranking content typically used in the desktop’s version of a website’s […]

8 Important SEO Applications for 2018

Unless you are completely new to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you know that there are some fundamental SEO applications that should be employed within your website. And as time goes by, more and more SEO tricks come into play.  At a minimum, however, you will want to know and include the real essentials, such as: […]