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Note: due to the COVID-19 pandemic the 2020 conference had been suspended until a new conference date can safely be added. Therefore, screenshots of the sites other pages are not yet available for public viewing.

HIV On The Frontline (ver. 4.0)

  • Focus: Annual Conference
  • Location: Irvine, California
  • Date Website Launched: March 2020
  • Web Address: hivconference.org

HIV On The Frontline is an annual conference for physicians and allied health providers addressing clinical and prevention issues with regards to HIV/AIDS.

The conference website was quite antiquated and simply needed to be brought up to current expecations and standards. The needed the website to be more user-friendly, showcase their event program more dynamically, and be able to make edits without the need for a trained website professional.  The new website also had to be more “responsive” to various screen sizes since hand-held devices are often used by their participants to register and optain updates on speaker itineraries.

We rebranded the website to focus more on the actual event program, registration and accreditation particulars. Specialty sections were added to better showcase their presenter bios, exhibit opportunities, event supporters, and details on location and accommodations.

Since this new website is built on the WordPress platform, with a robust drag-and-drop design interface, the client has far more total control over design and content management.