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Why Us

Dot Org Web Works offers nonprofit website design in Los Angeles. We specialize in custom website development and web presence upkeep for the nonprofit sector. Not just for L.A. and Southern California charities, but for nonprofits in all other major U.S. cities.  Furthering the mission of charitable nonprofits is our passion — Los Angeles is our focus. And like you, we’re tasked with helping to make our world a better place.

Your Website

We know that creating an engaging and user-friendly charitable website on a nonprofit’s budget can be a real challenge. And, frankly, that’s why DOWW is here. We’ll lead you through everything, from branding to site development, to going live. We’ll bring forth all of the right questions, offer the best options, and see you through completion. We have more than three decades of working with the nonprofit sector in the social marketing arena.

A Nice Fit

Having a smartphone-friendly (responsive) web presence is one of the key factors for a successful nonprofit website. About half of your Los Angeles-area viewers (be they donors or clients) will visit your website on something other than a desktop or laptop computer. It’s even more so if your visitors are experiencing homelessness. That said, we can make your website look great from big monitors to small handheld devices.

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We’ll Help You Reach Out to L.A. and Beyond

Within the greater Los Angeles metro area, there are more than 5,000 human service organizations*. Some operate with just one passionate individual on a volunteer basis, while many employ dozens, and some even hundreds. The commonality is that all these groups, although nonprofit, must still “conduct business” so that their “product” may be widely available — to best serve their organization’s stated mission. The product might be access to affordable health care, maintaining a food bank, providing mental health services, or offering scholarships. And with any good business, a cost-effective medium to showcase the product is essential for viability.

Nonprofit organizations are dependent on their digital resources like websites and social media to connect with their supporters and spread their message. This holds true regardless of location. But it is the organization’s website that is the most crucial. It serves as the open door to the organization’s people, history, and services. And like a business, you need to shine above the “competition.”

Your website branding is what will set your product apart from that of another organization offering a similar product or service. Proper branding will convince the viewer that your venue is a superior choice. Maybe it offers a better return on investment for potential donors or provides a critical service that is more tailored to the actual needs of clients. That is where Dot Org Web Works can make a difference.

We’ll help you identify and communicate your strengths and excellence within an affordable user-friendly interface and produce the frontline communication tool that you will be very proud of. Please take a moment to see some of our work. Then contact us if you agree we might be a nice fit.

* source: Cause IQ

Southern California Creations Include

I wholeheartedly recommend DOWW. Richard is a true professional with a great sense of what is relevant in the web world. He is open to input, flexible and creative. He helped keep us on task and on track. We love our new site!

Katie O’Brien, Executive Director
Rose Haven

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    With planning, comes options. And, we’ve got them.

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