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Your Mission is Our Inspiration

Our Focus

For more than 20 years, Dot Org Web Works has provided web design for nonprofits–exclusively (no commercial stuff). Our philosophy is that for us to do our best work, we must believe in the service, mission, or “product” of our clients. Web design for nonprofits, like yours, is our passion. A passion we believe our clients will agree with is reflected in the attention given to them throughout the creation process and afterward in post-production maintenance.

Our Mission

1. To provide and maintain affordable and well-designed websites to the nonprofit community so they may prosper and further their organization’s mission.

2. To always deliver more than expected.

As nonprofit professionals, we clearly understand the difference between a charitable nonprofit organization and a for-profit enterprise.

What Differentiates Nonprofits

Specifically, the commercially-minded website generally targets and speaks to the buyer of the product—the one who is almost always (save for gift cards) the end-user of the product they are buying. So when creating a website for the commercial sector, they communicate to one audience: the buyer/user.

But, that is not true with web design for nonprofits.

The charitable nonprofit’s message generally speaks to two audiences—often split equally. One message is for the “product buyer” (the donor/funder to the product or service). And the other message is for the “user of the product” (the people in need of your charity’s product or service—often referred to as the client). This sort of split-branding is where we shine.

Looking Impressive, Not Extravagant

Aside from knowing your dual-audience, how you portray yourself is equally important. That is why our designs are:

  • fresh and inviting, without appearing extravagant. (Most donors are put off by excessiveness.)
  • user-friendly. Not just for the visitors who will journey your website, but for the website’s content providers and editors
  • created with reverence to your brand.

Web Design for Nonprofits Fundamentals

5 key components not to miss.

powerful introduction

Powerful Introducion

with strong (hook) first sentence
clear cause and effect
moving/dramatic prime image

call to action

Call to Action

e.g.: petition, attend an event,
volunteering, info sign-up form

first steps

First Steps

offer 3 to 4 initial steps
for viewer to get started


Showcase Statistics

also known as “numbers”
which a simple plugin can manage

case profile

Case Profiles

putting a human face
behind the cause or mission

How We’ll Work With You

We believe a successful web design for nonprofits is a collaborative effort built on a clear understanding of the client’s “product” and priorities. With our history and passion for nonprofit web design,  alongside your insight into your organization and your preferences in mind, we will do great things. Like, rebuild your outmoded digital resource with the dynamic fresh web presence you seek! We will do this timely and without hassle. To accomplish this, we will:

  • Plan and structure your website to showcase the right amount of information for each website section and do it in a logical and intuitive framework.
  • Design an attractive, user-friendly website that will allow visitors to truly know your organization, provide ways for visitors to learn about and access its services, and offer swift means to engage with the organization.
  • Interlace carefully chosen words, imagery, and other resources with a well-designed framework to produce a smart-looking resource where visitors will find information on your organization efficiently and quickly. Set in complementary page displays.
  • Build the new website to be responsive to various mobile devices and employ the right technical tools so that the website performs superbly and as branded. We will make use of (optional) blog/posts, dynamic calendars, social media linkages and sharing tools, spam-resistant contact forms, and other add-ons to keep the site safe and visible.
  • Launch your new website within a service-friendly hosting environment (optional), and then train you to use your new website.
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