google favors responsive websites

Google Now Favors Mobile-Friendly Webs in Search Ranking

On April 21st, 2015, the big dog of search engines, Google, announced it had expended their use of mobile-friendly as a ranking signal. Consequently, search results will be favoring those websites that have optimized from fixed size to responsive viewing.

How will this affect you.

If your website is already optimized (a “responsive” website), then you can expect to see your search ranking rise since the majority of websites are not yet optimized for mobile device viewing. (Some reports state that as little as only 12% are actually responsive.)  But, if you have yet to make your website responsive, then you can expect your ranking to take a back seat to those that do. This does not, however, mean that your other good SEO (search engine optimization) techniques are of lesser value, which include: unique, accurate, page titles and “h1” style tags; making use of “description” meta tags; producing quality content that reflects your title; relative words in your URL; and, getting your website linked in other websites (the bigger, the better). In short, having a responsive site simply gives you another edge.

Aside from better search ranking performance, having a more user- friendly web presence for your viewers keeps them from leaving early and returning more often. More than half of websites are now visited on non-desktop/laptop machines. Going mobile is simply the smart thing to do on all levels.