Mobile Viewing the Nonprofit Website

Mobile Viewing the Nonprofit Website

I was poking around the Internet to locate data on responsive (mobile device-friendly) nonprofit websites after a client had asked what percentage of giving is now occurring on smart phones, tablets and alike. Though data for this sector is a bit scattered and anemic, the answer was located (nearly 10%), along with several more eye-opening finds which I found suitable for sharing.

The Nonprofit Website Visitor is Now Very Moible Engaged

At the end of the 2014 giving season, completed a mobile fundraising study, across 343 nonprofit websites, titled: “5 Myths of Mobile Fundraising“. These statistics show that mobile viewing is no longer just for the impulse shopper.

  • 9.5% of online donations are made on mobile devices.
  • 1 in 5 (19.6%) people are registering for an event from their mobile devices.
  • Memberships accounted for 12.3% on mobile, with a nearly 5% bump (17.2%) for responsive mobile websites.
  • 49% of all emails were read on mobile devices.
  • 1 in 6 donors who give from an email are on a mobile device, with a nearly 2% bump (18.5%) for responsive mobile websites.

Wow!Mobile Viewing the Nonprofit Website

Responsive Web Viewing Performs Far Better

Aside from smashing some of the myths about mobile giving on devices, the following statistics also show that responsive web viewing is now essential.

Responsive websites get 34% better conversions. Nonprofits without a responsive website had an average donation form conversion rate of 7.45% while responsive websites had a rate of 10.09%.  That means donors were 34% more likely to make a gift after reaching a donation form when the website was responsive. (Conversions are potential donors who had once visited the donation page, but had not given, e.g.: changed their mind about giving) . Source:

Many more nonprofit websites are responsive than expected. Of the 105 nonprofit websites researched by, they found that 56 of the organizations were responsive. That means 42% (of the small and mid-sized organizations they randomly selected) were responsive.

During 2014 there was an 8.9% increase in online fundraising, where overall charitable giving in the USA increased at only 2.1% Source: Blackbaud Giving Report

In 2014, approximately 6.7% of overall fundraising revenue was raised online (excluding grants). Source: Blackbaud Giving Report

December may no longer be do-or-die month. Online giving is also shifting away from the high percentage of December donations. In 2014, 17.8% of all online giving happened during December. That is down from 22.4% in 2013. However, in June, 2014, overall giving was at 9.0%. Source: Blackbaud Giving Report

Sobering find: the percentage of nonprofits donation landing pages that are not optimized for mobile is 84%. Source: Online Fundraising Scorecard.