website maintenance pricing plans

Monthly Website Maintenance Plans

Last year we added monthly service plans for website maintenance. These plans will help ensure that your website maintains updated and competitive. The client (designated contact person) gets a weekly “check in” call to see what’s new and should be shared with the viewers, posts are written and pages updated quickly, and the WordPress environment is checked over and updated as needed.

The rationale is this: when a budgeted amount of time per week/month is set aside for the development and upkeep of the website, performed by a website pro who has your back, then the client is more inclined to re-prioritize the website. (Because money has already been allocated, and they’re getting help.) From this, a more dynamic and utilized web presence is sure to follow quickly. (And, naturally, the organization’s staff is more freed-up for other important tasks.)

What’s more, the organization garners a special discounted rate! All within a monthly payment plan that will maintain the lower rate even when over the allotted time.

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