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10 Blog Content Ideas for Nonprofits

Nonprofits are familiar with writing blog posts that provide program updates, tell success stories, comment on breaking news and current affairs, and promote calls to action. This type of blog content is standard in nonprofit communications and should continue to be reported on regularly; however, some of your most shared, retweeted, and +1′d blog posts will be those that are out of the ordinary.

Google Now Favors Mobile-Friendly Webs in Search Ranking

On April 21st, 2015, the big dog of search engines, Google, announced it had expended their use of mobile-friendly as a ranking signal. Consequently, search results will be favoring those websites that have optimized from fixed size to responsive viewing. How will this affect you. If your website is already optimized (a “responsive” website), then […]

Mobile Viewing the Nonprofit Website

People visiting nonprofit organization websites are likely to do so on a mobile device. And if it’s responsive, they’re more likely to engage, and give, more.

2015 Communications Trends for Nonprofits

Now that 2015 has rolled in, you might be asking yourself, What might be the best use of my communication budget for the year? Certainly that will vary by organization and staff, but the growing trend, which is pretty straightforward and certainly worth embracing, is clear: focus more attention on your current support base, with […]

Top 10 Outreach Tools for Nonprofits

There’s a mind-boggling amount of pretty ingenious online apps and resources out there that will aid a nonprofit’s outreach and fundraising effort. Here’s our top 10 list.

Humanizing the Nonprofit Website

Good fundraisers understand that the cultivation of a prospective new donor, or sustained giving from donors, is achieved more often when there’s genuine one-on-one dialogue taking place.

The Value of Corporate Branding for Nonprofits

Despite what many people believe, corporate branding is much more than just a logo some colors and a font displayed in a way that looks interesting or quirky. It goes much deeper than that, and a successful branding solution which has been well designed and managed can give an organization’s audience something in which they can believe in, while helping to build and grow its own image.