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2015 Communications Trends for Nonprofits

Now that 2015 has rolled in, you might be asking yourself, What might be the best use of my communication budget for the year? Certainly that will vary by organization and staff, but the growing trend, which is pretty straightforward and certainly worth embracing, is clear: focus more attention on your current support base, with […]

Humanizing the Nonprofit Website

Good fundraisers understand that the cultivation of a prospective new donor, or sustained giving from donors, is achieved more often when there’s genuine one-on-one dialogue taking place.

The Value of Corporate Branding for Nonprofits

Despite what many people believe, corporate branding is much more than just a logo some colors and a font displayed in a way that looks interesting or quirky. It goes much deeper than that, and a successful branding solution which has been well designed and managed can give an organization’s audience something in which they can believe in, while helping to build and grow its own image.

Keep Climbing

The Keep Climbing Project (dba: Keep Climbing) offers wilderness therapy for children of US soldiers who have died serving their country. This made-over website focuses on supporting the organization (with donations of time or money) and showcasing their expeditions via a dynamic calendar.  This site also includes categorized blogs, multiple forms and full-background imaging.  View […]

Holiday Donations

Non-profit organizations throughout the country raise 30-40% of their annual income during the last few weeks of the year. For most individuals their gift to charity is a holiday tradition for others, mostly wealthy and corporate entities there is a fiscal agenda.


Bienvenidos needed a more user-friendly way for their staff to update content, with a design that was more inviting and intuitive. Now Bienvenidos has a more potent development tool at their disposal. And with the power of WordPress, their communications staff can now easily and quickly modify and moderate the website’s content – without heavy […]

CMS or Blog: Which is Best for the Nonprofit?

At first the answer seemed apparent: CMS, since the blog was invented to be primarily a vehicle for displaying time-sensitive articles (posts). But then nonprofits learned of the power of blogging – of utilizing articles/posts in addition to their older cousin, the page.