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Our agency specializes in affordable website design, as well as web presence upkeep, for charitable nonprofits*. It is our philosophy that in order for us to do our best work, we must believe in the service, mission, or product of our nonprofit clients. Nonprofits are our passion — it’s our community. Like you, we’re tasked in helping to make our world a better place.This we’ve been doing since the start of the new millennium.


DOWW is operated by Richard Hamel and is supported by his small network of talented associates within the website design, nonprofit marketing and communications field. We’re a small shop, so you can expect the personal attention and follow-through that is so lacking in the website design industry. A working relationship with DOWW is like having a webmaster on staff, employed only when website services are needed, done by those who really care.


The style we employ is an organic one. We steer clear of the unimaginative, overly flashy, and boilerplate formats often produced by commercial-minded webmasters. Instead, we create custom made, user-friendly, designs that communicate important information: comfortable, intuitive, with plenty of images and character. But our finished projects speak for themselves. Please take a moment to see our  Portfolio.

* Sorry, we don’t work on political or religious causes.
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OMG, I absolutely love the website! …it is simply, fabulous! Richard, you have never disappointed me and you have always surpassed my expectations. Thanks for working with us on this project, can’t wait to show it to all concerned.

Deborah VillarVice President of Development and External AffairsWeingart Center for the Homeless

Working with DOWW was a great experience from start to finish. The website has received many positive comments from our Board, staff and sister agencies. We knew we needed outside help so it was nice to feel we were in caring and experienced hands. The turnaround time was excellent and there was fast response and clear communication as we moved through the different planning and implementation phases.

Mariko KahnExecutive DirectorPacific Asian Counseling Services

I cannot stop looking at the new website. It looks so modern and professional. Wow.

Carlos RuizCommunications DirectorC.A.R.E. Program of Long Beach

DOWW’s services and staff response were lightning quick. I thought DSL was quick … the service by them was not only fast, but very thorough and imaginative. They addressed all of our concerns. The knowledgeable staff assisted us throughout the process of setting up our web site, including content development. They were professional, courteous and answered all of our questions…Excellent services at reasonable prices!

Mark CasanovaExecutive DirectorHomeless Health Care Los Angeles
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