6 Things Your Nonprofit Website Can Be Doing Now For the Holidays Giving Period

Traditionally, the holiday period is when many supporters decide on which charity to support and how much to give. (More than 30% of donations processed through Network for Good’s occurs in December alone.) Well before Thanksgiving you’ll want to ramp up your fundraising program, starting with your website.

We offer these suggestions:

First, and foremost, can your website process online donations securely and quickly? If not, Network for Good, Qgiv and AffiniPay are just a few prime examples of donation services that specialize in processing credit card donations to nonprofit organizations.

1. Showcase the Need

Create a new Post/article showcasing the issue at hand (e.g.: For the homeless, winter is most difficult;  Family service needs increases during holidays; Affordable housing solutions for families year-round, etc.). This Post should be given priority placement on your Home page with a strong, inviting, title.


2. Highlight the Giving Opportunity

family-campignProvide the opportunity, a call to action (CTA), for your website visitor to give to your program (per above examples). Throughout your CTA, broadcast your success with the funding amount raised to-date, and how much further to go to reach its goal.

  • You’ll want to make sure that, at the very least, your giving options page is responsive to mobile devices. About 10% of online donations are made through mobile devices.
  • Brand (tailor) your giving page to that of the CTA with suggested amounts and with captivating images.
  • Make the case! How will their donation be invested? (E.g: “A $50 donation will provide 2 medical exams for persons without health care options.”)
  • Post a copy of the article and giving request in your Facebook and other social media avenues, and ask that people Share the content within their networks. (Replace your regular background image with that of the CTA’s.)

3. Add Donate Now to Facebook

Facebook recently added a “Donate Now” option to their call-to-action buttons. Take advantage of it.

4. E-letter Early and Timely

Send out your e-newsletter before the crunch (such as the first week of November and December). And remember, about half of all emails are now read on mobile devices. You’ll want your e-newsletter formatted to view well on these smaller screens.

5. Gifts for the Givers

Many businesses supportive of your organization will gladly provide gift certificates and other products for you to give out as donation incentives. These free dinners, movie tickets, music CDs and whatnot can induce a $10 giver to give $40 or more.  Giving benefits are a great way of maximizing everyone’s participation.

6. The Final Push

Don’t forget the final push to give in the last week. Send out e-update on the CTA’s success, and that this may be their last opportunity to be a part of this solution for this giving cycle.