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Building the right website for your nonprofit organization can be a daunting task. We know that. But don’t despair; we’ll shepherd you through it with the right questions, a little hand-holding, and more than two decades of working with charitable nonprofit organizations.

A Good Fit

Being mobile device-enabled (responsive) is one of the key factors for a successful website. About half of the viewers will visit your nonprofit website on something other than a desktop or laptop computer. We can make your site look great from big monitors to small smartphones.

Why Us

Dot Org Web Works specializes in website design, as well as web presence upkeep, for charitable nonprofit organizations. Furthering the mission of nonprofits is our passion — you are our community. Like you, we’re tasked in helping to make our world a better place.

… I also wanted to let you know that some of our funders had commented on your handy work for our website. They really like how easy our website is to maneuver and to access the information. So well done and thanks for all your continuous support and input. You Rock!
Tricia Hernadez, Development Director
JWCH Institute, Inc.
  • Planning

    From branding your new nonprofit website–to the final creation.

  • Options

    With planning, comes options. And, we’ve got them.

  • Next

    After your new nonprofit website is completed, call on us when you need help.

An Effective Nonprofit Website Should...

  • Be easy to locate, starting with a logical web address and ending with the site being SEO friendly
  • Be neat and intuitive: get to the core of the message and avoid visual distractions
  • Have logical and consistent navigation
  • Be mindful to the sensibilities of the viewer: marketing for nonprofits is different, just as providing HIV services or advocating the needs of the under-served is unlike that of selling widgets on-line
  • Be more than just useful, but enjoyable—so they will return.
  • Be mobile device-friendly

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