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Website Statistics Reporting Discrepancies

By Richard Hamel A longtime client of doWW’s came to me with a question regarding their website statistics. The client had noticed an apparent reporting discrepancy between their server (web host service provider) reports and the reports that Google Analytics produces for them. Their server reports stated they had Total Visits of more than 4,500 […]

SEO and Good Search Engine Ranking

By Richard Hamel I’m often asked by fellow nonprofit professionals which SEO (search engine optimization) practices contribute to better positioning within search engine results, e.g.: Google, Yahoo, Bing. And though years of SEO tricks for elevated organic (i.e. non-placement purchase requirement) results have been offered up by marketing firms (for substantial consultant fees), the fundamentals […]

New Hampshire Campaign for Legal Services

This site supports two of New Hampshire’s civil legal services organizations: the Legal Advice and Referral Center and New Hampshire Legal Assistance–which provide critical assistance for people who have no where else to turn for help with legal issues affecting their most basic needs.